My French-speaking friend Tuline

In Paris, I (Marlena) rstayed with my friend Tuline.  She only speaks a tiny, tiny bit of English, but somehow we still communicated well.  The picture below is from the first day when we dressed up, Henry as Robin Hood, me as a witch, and Tuline as ?? 



The picture above is of Tuline and me crossing our legs in front of our faces.  On that same couch, we also did a lot of headstands, as you can see below.  That was the main thing we did.


Versailles Palace is the perfect place to spend a day, not only the inside is amazing but the gardens as well.


Who needs a bed for sleeping?  Buses work just as well for us.



The Louvre

from Henry’s view

On first full day in Paris, we went to the Louvre.  It poured during the walk there, so we were extra glad to make it into the glass pyramid entrance.  The lines were much shorter than I had expected, we were in in less than half an hour.  I think the rain and the fact that it was early were both in our favor.

The Mona Lisa

We decided to see the Mona Lisa (lower picture) first.  The path there was, as you might expect, very well labeled.  Though there were more people in the museum later on, the room with the Mona Lisa was definitely the most crowded.  The one thing I have to say about it is that it definitely doesn’t deserve its fame.  I was told that the painting across from the Mona Lisa, the Wedding Feast at Cana (upper picture), is better, which I agree with.  Mom says, and I think she’s partly true, that a lot of what I like about is its size.  It is enormous, taking up most of a wall.  The nice things about largeness in a painting are that: a) the largeness is awesome, and b) there is a lot going on, so you can keep looking at it without getting bored, because there is always something else that you haven’t noticed yet.

Other Stuff

We then went back to the pyramid for lunch, seeing what we passed, mostly more paintings, as we went.  There were many other good paintings; many that I thought were better than the Mona Lisa, but the Wedding Feast at Cana remained the largest we’d seen.  In terms of statues, we saw the Venus de Milo, also not that amazing compared to others, and also an awesome gallery of statues which were made of a substance that couldn’t be rubbed at, and were therefore touchable.  Unfortunately, we got to the Egyptian part—with real sarcophagi and easily readable slabs of rock with hieroglyphs — around lunch so we ended up hurrying through and didn’t see all that we might have.


PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Marlena

We just got back to Paris and it’s soooooooo different. it’s enough learning German, but French as well??? We’ve been learning a litle French in school, but that only can go so far. At dinner on our first night there I got traditional Parisian food and crepes for dessert. I was telling my family ‘ Just as I get used to living in Germany, we come to Paris. ‘ Yesterday night was daylight savings. I woke up an hour early this morning, and I think that I woke up Henry as well ( we were sharing a room ). As for the rest of the nights I slept at our friends’ house. At the end of the vacation, I was to tears because I would miss my friend.

60th birthday celebration at Henry’s school

this post is narrated by Henry

Yesterday (October 10), there was a festival at my school to celebrate the exact-to-the-day 60th birthday of the Anger Gymnasium. There was an hour and a half celebration in the afternoon, including

  • speeches by:

the principal
a teacher who has taught there since 1994

  • musical performances by:

an accordionist,
two girls on the violin (playing a duet),
an ensemble of 3 flutes, a violin, and a tenor recorder                                                                                                           the chorus                                                                                                                                                                                                 the orchestra

  • poems by the founder of the school, read by two students
  • a rap and video by the tenth grade