My French-speaking friend Tuline

In Paris, I (Marlena) rstayed with my friend Tuline.  She only speaks a tiny, tiny bit of English, but somehow we still communicated well.  The picture below is from the first day when we dressed up, Henry as Robin Hood, me as a witch, and Tuline as ?? 



The picture above is of Tuline and me crossing our legs in front of our faces.  On that same couch, we also did a lot of headstands, as you can see below.  That was the main thing we did.


Versailles Palace is the perfect place to spend a day, not only the inside is amazing but the gardens as well.


Who needs a bed for sleeping?  Buses work just as well for us.



One thought on “My French-speaking friend Tuline

  1. Dear Marlena, How wonderful that you can have a friend who communicates in other ways than speaking1 As long as you can do headstands, dress up, and travel together, you need to say very little. Love, Granny Linda

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