Holidays in Jena

– We’re having a low-key Chanukah celebration, enjoying the chance for simple traditions in this new setting.  The initial menorah was one that belonged to Grandma Barbara, bought in the early 60s when she was at University of Rochester.  A second one was added to this collection as a free gift from the Berlin Chabad; Andrew happened past their candle-lighting when he was in Berlin for a conference last week. I was able to find the Gelt at our local market; they’re enjoying the various Euro dominations.


Tonight we had a home-made latke meal.  Well, really it was a potato “nik” or one mega-latke, recipe courtesy of Mark Bittman in the New York Times.


– Earlier today we went to the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) in the center of town. One of these days I’ll get pictures of all the cute wooden stalls from which they sell lots of food, drink, sweets, candles, toys, and other assorted gifts.  Dessert for the kids was chocolate-covered fruit (that’s a half-pear of Marlena’s masquerading as a mouse, and Henry’s is a banana not claiming to be anything else).  Beyond the sweets, the kids enjoyed some of the rides set up in the parking lot just outside the old market square. 





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