Yeah, can you believe it?  We actually went into a sauna as a class.  Clothes.  Well, the girls and the boys didn’t go in together.  But still.  At the beginning I was a little uncomfortable, what with being naked in front of our teacher.  At least she was wearing a bikini.  We went into the sauna area in our school and got undressed.  After that, we took a warm shower.  I wasn’t quite yet comfortable.  Then, we went into the sauna for 15 minutes.  I practically died.  You may think 15 minutes is not a long time, but in a small room with a lot of people and a lot of humidity at 158 degrees, it can get pretty hot even for 15 minutes.  To help pass the time, we told funny stories or riddles to each other.  There was an hourglass to keep track of the time.  In the last few minutes, I kept looking at it, hoping it would just quickly run out.  It had marks for every minute you had left.  When it finally ran out, we left the sauna room and took cold showers.  I felt like ice was being put all over me.  After that, we went into a big room where we relaxed.  About two minutes later, we went outside on the balcony, again clothes. But I wore my bathrobe.  We played tag naked.  I was still a little uncomfortable.  People could see us from outside.  Luckily there wasn’t anyone outside.  After that, we went inside to the big cooling-off room, had some nice fizzy pear juice with fruit, a special sauna drink, and Frau Wetzel, my teacher, read to us.  After a little bit of cooling down, we went back into the sauna.  I died even more this time.  But this time we didn’t take a shower right after.  Instead, we went right out onto the balcony and ran around.  I was a little more comfortable by then, so I didn’t bother to put anything on.  I just went naked.  We played tag again, again without anyone seeing us, and then went back inside, took cold showers, and Frau Wetzel read to us again.  I felt really nice. We listened to some music and just relaxed and drank.  Finally, we had to get ready to go home, because these were the last two periods of school.  I thought to myself, “I hope we do this again!”  (Notice:  no pictures for this post!)


3 thoughts on “Sauna

  1. This is a truly wonderful post. I am glad you had the experience but even more happy that you shared it with us. You are a terrific writer. I really liked that you admitted your discomfort with being naked with your teacher and classmates – but isn’t it interesting how quickly we can overcome that if we give it a chance?!?! Keep writing – your fans are enjoying it so much. (I just read your post out loud to Bill). XOXO Ellen

  2. Marlena – thanks for sharing! I was in Finland and I was 18 when I first went to sauna (no clothes). I was with other teens who were exchange students. I had similar feelings. I also remember the first times I went with my host families. I went to sauna frequently that year. All of the homes have a sauna. I really loved sauna and continue to miss it. Sue

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