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Henry’s life since his last post (school edition)

            Last Monday was my first day of school.   I can only describe some of my day, or you would be here reading this for a long time, as it took me a good half an hour to describe it to Mom.

It was an interesting day right from the start. It took me 10 minutes just to find my homeroom.  My homeroom turned out to be in a different building than the main building, which is where I entered, but luckily the two buildings are only maybe 50 feet apart, probably less.  Anyway, when I looked around the building to try and find it, it wasn’t there.

I asked a teacher if she knew where my room was.  She took me to someone else, who told me (correctly) where to go.  But when I got there, a student told me that I should go across the hall, to who I later learned is the French teacher.  He didn’t know where I was supposed to go, bur he did know that I was in the wrong place.  So he took me all the way back to the first floor of the main building, where he delivered me to another teacher, who told me to follow a passing student in my class to my classroom, where I finally stayed.

I first had two periods of my homeroom teacher talking about assorted stuff and telling us basically what we need to know.  The highlight of that talk for me was that we go on a week-long trip to a place near here—for those of you from Brighton, it’s sort of like a slightly long Outdoor Ed—where we can only speak English.  All the kids here are good enough that they can do that, crazily enough.  I guess, then again, most kids here start learning English around 2nd grade.

The rest of the day—a block of M.N.T. (which is basically science), then single periods of German and French—was not especially remarkable.  I would usually have also had a period of geography, which is a period more than we have every other day, but being the first day of school and all, we didn’t.


3 thoughts on “Henry’s Page

  1. Hi Henry – wow what a crazy way to start. Al least you knew you had the correct school and would find your room eventually. Thanks for sharing! Sue

  2. Henry – Most adults I know still have dreams about not being able to find their classroom, or forgetting to go to an important test… Sounds like you rolled that experience right into reality your first day of school! Well, the good thing is I guess you won’t have THAT problem again. How’s the German going? Oh – and I think you’ll do really well on that English-only adventure! Sending a hug, Ellen

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