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My school started on Monday, August 26.  Here are some stories from my school days:

– On the first day of school, I went into the classroom and since every year the classes are the same, everyone knew one another.  Except me!  Right before we did attendance, my teacher stood up and told the class that I was a new student.  I could understand a little bit of what she was saying.  Then she asked me to tell the class where I was from, so I told them in German and everyone was like “Ahhh, oh my gosh, wow!”  I felt kind of embarrassed because everyone was staring at me.  I could feel my face turning red.  It was not the best moment.

– Also on the first day of school, before attendance, a girl came up to me and said in German, “Hello, my name is Lena.  What is your name?”  I replied in German, “My name is Marlena.”  She smiled at me and kept unpacking her school supplies.  Right before she left, I said “I come from America.”  She said, “I come from Jena.”  Lena was the first person to talk to me.  I was happy someone stood up and did what she did.  As the week went on, we became closer friends.  Now I play with her every day at recess.

– Here’s a list of my classmates: Alex, Antonia, Carl, Clemens, Fine, Francine, Fredrich, Hanna, Isabella, Jaron, Jette, Lasse, Lena, Leo, Maja, Marlena, Marlene, Nick, Nils, Simone.  Notice there is also a Marlene.  It’s really funny when we do attendance because sometimes both of us say “here” because we both think it’s us.  This is the first time there has been anyone in my class with the same name as me.  I think some of the most different names are Nils, Jette and Lasse.  Sometimes it’s really hard to remember everyone in my class.

– Here is my schedule:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-8:45 German Math Health Social studies German
8:45-9:30 Math French Gym Social studies Math
9:30-10:15 Morning snack Morning snack Morning snack Morning snack Morning snack
10:15-11:00 Math (in Engl.) English Swimming German Ethics/Religion
11:00-11:45 Music Art/gardening Swimming French Ethics/Religion
11:45-12:30 German Art/gardening Music (in Engl.) Elective Gym
12:30-1:15 Lunch/recess Lunch/recess Lunch/recess Lunch/recess Lunch/recess
1:15-2:00 Projects Social studies (in Engl.) Projects English School out early
2:00-2:45 Projects English Projects English  
2:45-3:00 Afternoon snack Afternoon snack Afternoon snack Afternoon snack  



3 thoughts on “Marlena’s Page

  1. Marlena – I am so glad you posted your schedule. It’s really interesting to see what your school days are like. I am wondering why morning snack is so long? Do you go outside at that time if the weather is nice? And do you bring your lunch and snacks or get them at school? Nothing is happening back here that is nearly as interesting as racing rubber ducks – although we did go to the canal for tashlich on the first day of Rosh Hashanah. Sending you a hug, Ellen

  2. We miss you, Marlena! We love reading about your life in Germany. David and Alice had a good start to the school year. David says Ms. Brucato is “great,” and Alice couldn’t wait to get back to school after the first day. Matthew starts Young Kindergarten on Tuesday. Keep blogging! –Mrs. Yawman 🙂

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